October Fifth, Twenty Twenty One


     \  /       Partly cloudy
   _ /"".-.     71 °F          
     \_(   ).   ← 8 mph        
     /(___(__)  9 mi           
                0.0 in       

I started feeding the hive sugar water and ordered a pollen patty I was going to put in the hive on the next inspection. Unfortunately after checking on them after 4 days of feeding the hive was a ghost town. I looked inside and noticed quite a bit of wax moth larve but from what I’ve been told they are opportunist that will move in after a swarm. In addition I also found what appears to be a hatched queen cell. I am pretty defeated as its been a rough month already but we will try again next year. Enjoy these photos of the feeding frenzy, (I also have a pollen patty free to a good home).